Wednesday, May 25th, 2016


2200 Mansfield  street, Montreal, QC

Keynote Speaker

2015 Louis and Artur Lucian award recipient


Professor | Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator


Cardiac Stem Cells and their Apparent Inability to Mediate Heart Regeneration

Dr Molkentin received his PhD from the Medical College of Wisconsin (USA) in 1994, after which he performed postdoctoral training with Dr. Eric Olson in Texas (USA) from 1994-1997, followed by his first faculty appointment in 1997 at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center of the University of Cincinnati (USA), where today he is a Full Professor.


He has published over 345 original articles during this time and is funded with multiple NIH grant awards.


Dr. Molkentin was a Pew Scholar early in his career and is now a full investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the USA.


His research program continues to focus on the identification of candidate genes and signaling pathways involved in cardiac hypertrophy, contractility, cell death, heart failure, and muscular dystrophy, as well as mitochondria-dependent necrosis.


Dr. Molkentin has placed most of his 60+ trainees in academics or the pharmaceutical industry.

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